CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs and Cats

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs and Cats

Since dogs and cats vary so much in size and weight, calculating the correct CBD dosage for your pet can seem daunting. Too much CBD (SimplyPets.com – Cannabis Oil for Pets) can make your pet lethargic, while not enough can result in no changes in your cat or dog’s ailments. Luckily, there are options that offer easy ways to assure your pet is getting the dosage that they need.

Products and Dosages

CBD for pets come in a variety of forms, the most common being oil, capsules, and treats. Although the dosage varies based on size, there are some commonalities within the type of CBD you are giving to your dog or cat. For example, most oils will require 2 – 4 drops multiple times a day, while capsules will generally require 1 taken twice a day. Treats vary more, but all these options will have instructions on the packaging to assist in finding the right dosage.


As one of the most commonly known ways to administer CBD, oil can involve a bit more math than the other options. CBD oil can be given to your dog or cat in two ways: either as drops under the tongue or mixed into their food. Some pets may resist the drops while others may enjoy taking them, but it really will depend on your pet.

CBD oil is available in varying bottle sizes, and the number of drops will correlate to the weight of your pet. One drop of oil is usually equal to 1ml, and the regular dose your dog will need is .025mg x 1lb of body weight. Thus, dosage can vary anywhere from 1 – 2 drops for smaller cats or 10 drops for bigger dogs.

CBD Capsules

While the same formula of oil applies to dosage with capsules, different bottles will vary according to the mg amount of CBD contained within a capsule. Thus, you will want to find a bottle that offers the appropriate capsule size in order to provide your dog with an easier to ingest the number of capsules.

Like oil, capsules can be opened and put into your dog or cat’s food. They can also be wrapped in a treat like a pill pocket or cheese.

CBD Treats

All dogs and cats love a treat, and there are many options on the market. CBD treats are often combined with other ingredients to focus on a specific ailment, such as joint pain. Treats use the same formula as oil and capsules, and your pet’s weight will once again determine how many CBD treats your pet will receive daily.

Finding the right dose of CBD for your pet may seem like a challenge, but with the help of the dosing formula, it can be made very easy. You also have a variety of options to choose from between oils, capsules, and treats, so you can find the right kind of CBD for you and your cat or dog and, thus, find the best way to help them improve their quality of life.

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